David A. Young

Software Engineer


Automata  Github

This project was conceived at my first hackathon. It started out as building an IoT wall lamp and has transformed into a whole platform through which IoT devices can be controlled. I have expanded the project and have added additional projects that integrate with my custom dashboard. I'm still developing the wall lamp, it's near completion, and I have also added a IoT power strip, weather station and garage control.

Automata-rgb-led  Github

This is one of the plugins for my Automata project. It is used to control the wall lamp. It requires my Automata-spark plugin to communicate with the spark cloud, the lamp has a Particle Core at its heart.

Temperature sensor api  Gogs

As part of my home automation efforts I've constructed several esp8266 modules with DHT11 temperature sensors and small LCD screens. I've placed them in various locations around the house and designed custom firmware to serve up the temperature and humidity data. This project ties the individual nodes together and makes them accessible via a single API. I am also working on creating a ui to visualize the retrieved data.
This project also represents my first foray into Kotlin.